Lifetime Oil Changes

Titus-Will Automotive Group in Washington State ( a family-owned business estabilished in 1938) began offering Lifetime Oil Changes with vehicle purchases. They asked Promo Sapien to create a memorable ad campaign that would make the offer synonymous with Titus-Will dealerships in the minds of customers. The company also insisted the spots use humor to get the message across.

Working closely with brothers Trevor and Court Will, who both work for the family business, Promo Sapien created a series of ads that featured past “lifetime” offers (fictitious ones) that Titus-Will had experimented with before Lifetime Oil Changes.

The humorous ads helped establish a fun personality for the brand and drive awareness of the offer and the company better than any advertising the group had done before.

Lifetime Goldfish

Lifetime Wiper Blade Refills

Lifetime Auto Detailing

Lifetime Personal Training

Titus-Will Protected

Titus-Will’s new offer introduced in 2019 features Lifetime Powertrain Warranty protection, 10-Year Roadside Assistance, and 48-Hour Risk Free Exchange. The offer is referred to as “Titus-Will Protected.”

To promote the new offer, Promo Sapien created a series of ads illustrating why Titus-Will customers prefer the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty over other, somewhat misguided attempts by Titus-Will to protect them.

Hot Coffee

UV Protection

Sales Events

Straightforward ads promoting businesses and sales events.

Prime Paint Store

Black Friday Sales Event

Nobody Beats Our Prices

Half-Yearly Sale

Truck Month


Employee recruiting videos created for social media and website use.  The service technician recruiting video was created to target an out-of-state audience.  The employee recruiting video was created for general employee recruiting purposes.

Service Technician Recruiting

Employee Recruiting


Videos for industrial, service and education clients’ trade shows, product launches, websites and social media feeds.

Pierce Grapple Processor

Spokane Machinery

Bastyr University Nutrition Department

Cedar Creek Lodge

Blaze Bioscience

Alamon Utility Services

H2 Homer Helper

Malsam Motorsports


Fundraising and marketing videos where telling a compelling story is key to the project.

Bastyr University Nutrition Department

Bastyr University Founders’ Day

Bastyr University Spring for Health

Bastyr University California

DREAM Adaptive Recreation