Titus-Will Automotive Group – Service Technician Recruiting 2019

3:12 YouTube version

Titus-Will has experienced significant growth in the last year, and has needed to recruit service technicians to meet customer demand.  They are focusing their recruiting efforts outside of the state they operate in (Washington) and offering incentives to qualified applicants.  Promo Sapien was asked to produce a video emphasizing the benefits of working for Titus-Will and the advantages of living in Washington State.

Promo Sapien also created the website, tituswilltechnicians.com, where potential applicants are encouraged to contact Titus-Will.

Titus-Will Automotive Group – Protected, Hot Coffee

:44 YouTube version

Titus-Will introduced a new offer in 2019.  Lifetime Warranty, 10-Year Roadside Protection, and 48-Hour Risk-Free Exchange with every vehicle purchase.  They branded the offer as “Titus-Will Protected.”  The company asked Promo Sapien to create humorous ads and YouTube videos that would help their customers remember the “Protected” offer and associate it with Titus-Will dealerships in a positive way.

Promo Sapien produced a series of ads showing other less popular ways (fictional ones) that Titus-Will protects its customers.

Titus-Will Automotive Group – Protected, UV Protection Suit

:42 YouTube version

Bastyr University Nutrition Department – Marianna

Social Media video promoting Bastyr University’s Nutrition Program. 1:34 YouTube version

Bastyr University – Spring for Health Fundraiser 2019

9:00 Fundraising Event Video